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1939-1945 War on the Homefront, Juliet Gardiner

While on holiday we went to the Imperial War Museum (brilliant!!) and in the gift shop I picked up a breeze block of a book but its not just a book its a whole experience, there are reproductions of documents from that time which you can pull out and read and a CD with different speeches and first hand accounts of that time.  I already have a simular one called WW2 Victory in Europe Experience which goes from Dday to the end of the war.

This book would complement the two Simon Garfield homefront war books Iíve been reading over the year. The CD of the voices is a great idea to bring alive those times. What an experience!
As September 3rd approaches I keep checking the Radio 4 web site for any special programmes to commemorate the 70th anniversary.

Its fabulous it really is!! A little bit pricey at £30 but as I was on holiday and had some birthday money to spend as well I decided to splurge!!

Out of interest though, I got the DDay one from The Book people at half  the price so you never know at some point it might appear on there.

       Big Readers Forum Index -> What non-fiction are you reading?
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